Standard Services By Room


Living Area

Remove cobwebs.

Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds/shutters, baseboards, window sills, chair rails, doors, doorframes, knick knacks, lamps/shades, furniture and shelves.

Clean mirrors and horizontal glass.

Vacuum vinyl, tile and wood floors.

Mop all vinyl and tile floors.

Mop wood floors upon request.

Vacuum rugs and carpet.

Make beds/change linens upon request.

Empty waste baskets and trash cans.



Clean and dry exterior of all major appliances.

Clean and dry interior and exterior of microwave.

Clean and dry all countertops, including small appliances, canisters and decorative items.

Clean and dry sink and fixtures.

Vacuum and clean floor.



Dust light fixtures, cabinets, towel bars, baseboards and window sills.

Clean, disinfect and dry sink(s), fixtures, vanity and toilet.

Clean and disinfect tub and tile, shower and fixtures.

Clean mirrors and glass.

Vacuum and clean floors.

Additional Services

Change linens, Vacuum upholstery. Wash interior windows. Wash light fixtures. Cleaning and treatment of paneling and cabinets. Wall washing. Woodwork washing. Clean oven. Clean interior of fridge. The following services are available for vacant homes: Clean interior of all appliances. Clean interior of cabinets and closets. Sweep/blow and remove cobwebs,debris from garage, attic or storage area.