Carpet Cleaning
Our Low Moisture Soil Extraction System uses dry foam (not gallons of water!) 

It’s different than any other carpet cleaning method because it gets the deep down dirt without soaking, shrinking, mildewing, warping, or molding….

Carpet cleaned the Low Moisture Soil extraction way stays cleaner, longer, and dries within 1-2 hours.

No steam or sticky cleaner used- just a safe thorough system with a history of more than 60 years of cleaning the world’s finest homes, hotels, universities, and government buildings. 

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There is only one safe way to clean carpet.
Thoroughly and on-location without using damaging amounts of liquid. 

It’s not the rotary method. 
Here a shampoo is scrubbed into the surface of the carpet using one large or two small brushes. This does a fair job of cleaning the carpet surface, but the deep-down dirt is either untouched or carried deeper into the pile by the shampoo. And this method makes no provision for removal of the shampoo and dirt. The carpet must be vacuumed later in a separate operation. 

Its not the “Steam” method. 
In the first place, no steam is used-probably a good thing since live steam would be disastrous to your good carpet. Actually, the “steam” is only hot water that is sprayed into the carpet. And in most cases, little more than half of the dirt- bearing water is extracted from the carpet. The remainder is left can result in soggy carpet, browning, mildew, shrinkage, or damaged backing, padding, and floors. Drying time can run up to 24 hours- a long time for any carpet area to be unusable. 

It’s not the rotary/bonnet method.
Such procedures will brighten the surface but can’t remove the dirt deep in the pile. Result: embedded dirt works up quickly to the surface to resoil the carpet. 
Cylindrical brush cleans down to the base of the carpet ( unlike rotary brushes which merely clean the surface) and the vacuum's immediately powerful suction lifts out dirt laden foam in seconds. 

Only the Low Moisture Carpet Extraction System applies a dirt emulsifying dry foam, brushes it thoroughly into the carpet and removes both foam and dirt immediately before it can sink back down into the carpet. This simultaneous operation is an important benefit. Because only foam containing 10% moisture is used, your carpet is ready for use in an hour or so. And there is no danger of shrinkage, dry-rot, browning, or mildew. 

Remember...“steam” is just a lot of water. Rotary brushes just take the dirt for a joy ride. Bonnet methods just superficially clean the surface. Only a Low Moisture Soil Extraction System cleans deeply with dry foam and then gets rid of the foam along with all the dirt! 

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